Tattoo Aftercare

How to heal and take care of your tattoo.

arrow_drop_down_circle Saniderm Aftercare

**If itching and redness occur under or around the Saniderm, you may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive and should remove it immediately.**

You will not need anything to put on your tattoo as far as lotion or ointment while healing your tattoo with Saniderm.

Leave the Saniderm on for 4 to 7 days.

The Saniderm will trap blood inside. This is normal for this type of bandage.

If the fluid inside leaks out, and/or if anything gets inside the Saniderm - REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY.

You will not need to wash the tattoo while using Saniderm. You can shower with it on, just don't soak it (no baths, pools, hot tubs).

To remove the Saniderm, it's usually best while in the shower or soaking it in water to loosen the adhesive. Baby oil or olive oil will also help with removal.

After removing the Saniderm bandage your tattoo will be mostly healed, but you will need to use a WHITE NON-SCENTED LOTION ONLY for the next several days.

arrow_drop_down_circle Traditional Aftercare

If your tattoo was not bandaged with Saniderm you will need to follow these steps to keep your tattoo clean and moisturized to avoid infection and heal properly.

  1. Take off your bandage around 2 to 3 hours after you leave the tattoo shop.
  2. Wash your hands each time before washing your tattoo.
  3. When washing your tattoo after you remove the bandage use water as hot as you can stand without burning.
  4. Dry your tattoo off with a clean paper towel, instead of a reusable towel, to avoid possibility of infection
  5. Wash your tattoo 2 or 3 times a day with liquid antibacterial soap (dial, softsoap)
  6. For the first 3 days use a THIN coat of Aquaphor on the tattoo each time after you wash it. Rub the aquaphor into the tattoo until its not shiny or greasy like lotion. If you put too much on your tattoo it could suffocate your pores and cause a break out and/or ingrown hairs.
  7. After the first few days switch out the Aquaphor for a white, non-scented lotion (lubriderm, aveeno, curel). Nothing with alcohol or perfumes.
  8. When the tattoo itches or feels tight when you move the area, apply more lotion to help the scabbing and itching.
  9. Do NOT pick the scabs. Doing this will pull the pigment of the tattoo out with the scab from your skin.
  10. Do NOT rewrap your tattoo.
  11. Do NOT let your pet touch or lick your tattoo. This can cause an infection.
  12. Do NOT swim or submerge your new tattoo until it is healed. Showering is fine as long as the tattoo is not continuously under the water. Try to keep the tattoo out of the water while showering or bathing.
  13. Your tattoo will get itchy, but do your best not to scratch it. When the tattoo gets itchy it's a sign that you may need to put on more lotion.
  14. The more you keep your tattoo moisturized the better it will heal, typically within 2 to 3 weeks.